Post Your Project

How much does it cost to list on milk?

Listing on milk is absolutely free.

How do milk market make money?

Posting a project is free, however we do offer paid upgrades.

What are Milk Insights?

Milk insights are recommendations written by experienced product managers and growth leads on how they
believe a buyer can grow and improve the listed startup. They are individually customized for each listing.

Why did my startup not get approved?

We try our best to protect our buyers by not allowing sites that have major bugs or issues. If you believe we made a mistake, feel free to contact us.

How can I get in contact with milk team?

Reach us at

How do I pay for a project?

We are currently working on a solution to help facilitate payments between buyers and sellers.
For now, we’re only in the business of connecting buyers and sellers.
Sellers typically accept a variety of options such as PayPal and Transfer Wise.

How do I get an invite to your slack group?

Our slack group is limited to users that have bought or sold more than 3 websites.
If you meet this requirements, you can message us at